Luigi Cocilovo was born in Nissoria, Sicily. He married Antonina Scattareggio and served in the Italian army in WWII. He was captured in Tobruk, Africa in his first tour of duty whilst fighting allied troops there. (see below photo – courtesy of A Cocilovo)


Luigi Cocilovo (second from left) – Tobruk WWII)

Luigi Cocilovo was one of 10 children whose parents Pietro & Michela were born  in Leonforte. Luigi, followed by his wife 3 years later, moved to Australia in 1952 and had 3 children. Luigi and Antonina Scattareggio married in the 1930s and had three children: Michela, Pietro and Concettina.


Cocilovo family – 1940s
(Michelina, Pietro, Nonna Michela, Concetta,and Luigi’s wife Antonina)

Pietro Cocilovo arrived in Australia with his father Luigi in 1954 and met Rita Battaglia in 1965. They married in 1965 on July 10th and later had two children.

Michela Cocilovo, the oldest of Luigi’s children, married Orazio Giannula and had two children. Concettina Cocilovo married Luigi Gino Giannaula.

distribution_cocilovo_map sicily_map
Distribution of the Cocilovos in Italy and a map of Sicily.