Mum – bio

Born 28 May 1944 Left Seminara, Calabria, Italy on 21 November 1963 and arrived on 11 December 1963. She lived at 7 South St Granville with Zia Maria and Zio Giuseppe until she was married on 10 July 1965. My parents moved to Grandma’s house at Burwood to live until they bought their first house in Strathfield in November 1965.

January 1965 – Rita started work at Burwood on Burwood Rd as a dressmaker sewing school uniforms. Her boss, Mr Taylor had a secret affair with the assistant manager and later committed suicide by shooting himself. The company closed a year later. She then worked at Croydon for 2.5yrs for Mr Smith making dresses for David Jones and Target. Then she worked from home for 3.5yrs making clothes. Rita stopped working to have kids and become a stay at home mum.